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About Kortright

Coyote AlleyThe Kortright Centre for Conservation is Ontario's premier environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre.

Situated 10 minutes north of Toronto, on 325 hectares of pristine woodlands, Kortright Centre combines a natural oasis with some of the most leading edge sustainable education programs and events in Canada.

The centre hosts 135,000 visitors annually and offers over 50 environmental education programs for schools and 30 sustainable technology workshops for the public, trades and professionals.

Since 1982, the Kortright Centre has been a centre of excellence in the field of sustainable technology. The sustainable technology education programs are anchored around The Innovation Trail, a 1.6 kilometre trail which links a variety of demonstrations on renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste water treatment and sustainable building design.

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is located at 9550 Pine Valley Drive in Woodbridge. Pine Valley Drive is located south of Major Mackenzie Drive, west of Highway 400.

Our Mission

The Kortright Centre works with individuals and communities to accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices by providing educational programs, demonstrations and partnerships:

  1. to instill an awareness and appreciation of the natural world;
  2. to develop an understanding of the relationships between healthy ecological systems and our lifestyles;
  3. to demonstrate practical, relevant and leading edge sustainable technologies and practices;
  4. to motivate and support individuals, organizations, government and business to adopt sustainable options and actions; and
  5. to develop leaders, champions, projects and programs in the community that accelerates the transformation of the Toronto region into the most sustainable community in the world.


History of the Kortright Centre

Kortright Visitor CentreThe Kortright Centre is named after Dr. Francis H. Kortright, world-famous outdoorsman, author and dedicated conservationist. Long before the environmental crisis became a well-known issue worldwide, Dr. Kortright recognized the urgency and resolved to do something about it. He devoted the latter part of his life, his full attention and abundant energies, to the cause of protecting wild animals of the fields, the forests, the waters and the skies. In so doing, he created for all Canadians a legacy that will be appreciated by many generations to come. Since the Kortright Centre opened in 1979, it has delivered unique environmental educational experiences to over two million visitors.