Kortright Natural Playground

"Natural Playgrounds should be the standard for all our playgrounds. They truly connect children with nature through play and are a sort of classroom for the next generation of environmental stewards" -Dr. David Suzuki

For many people growing up, their fondest childhood recollections are of countless hours spent playing outdoors. In the not so distant past, most kids spent their days outside being active, socializing with other children and exploring the environment around them. They played in the fields, creeks and wooded areas that surrounded their homes.

In today's world, things are very different; there are fewer children playing outside. Due to hectic schedules, overly programmed lives, the growth of digital technology, and the disappearance of natural areas, kid's today don't have the same opportunity to participate in this type of play.

So how do we reacquaint kids with nature with our increasingly busy, urban lives?

Help Us Build the Natural Playground at The Kortright Centre for Conservation!

The Kortright Centre for Conservation is looking to build a natural playground where children can play with natural elements like wood, rocks, plants, sand, and water. Studies have shown Natural Playgrounds prompt much more imaginative free play, foster social interaction, cut down on bullying, and encourage the sort of risk-taking some experts say overcautious parenting has been unintentionally blocking.

The playground will serve the needs of the following community groups:

  1. Approximately 65,000 visitors who visit Kortright each year, including approximately 36,000 students from 8 different school boards across the Greater Toronto Area.
  2. Over 7,000 children from various summer camps
  3. Nearly 30,000 public visitors who come to Kortright to experience nature close to home.

The playground elements will also add a fun and interactive experience to existing programs that KCC offers, including appreciation of nature, teambuilding, growth and changes in plants, soils, and survival skills just to name a few.

Project Funding

The total cost of the natural playground project will be approximately $400,000 when completed. The construction will be completed in phases to provide time for fundraising. Current funding sources include internal revenues, community partnerships and corporate sponsorship. We are currently seeking additional funding to make this project a reality.

Help Kids Reconnect with Nature!
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