Habitat/Species Conservation at Kortright

The Kortright Centre for Conservation provides a natural oasis in an area where farmer's fields and woodlots are rapidly giving way to housing and commercial developments. From forest to fields to wetlands, the property provides a wide range of habitat and interesting natural features to explore.
Nature preservation and species conservation are important at the Kortright Centre. Please stay on the trails and boardwalks and keep dogs on leash to assist us with maintaining the natural integrity and high quality habitat for the plants and animals that call Kortright home.

Allan Foster Garden Project

The Allan Foster Garden is a 0.5 ha meadowscape that is currently under restoration to create a pollinator garden with native wildflower demonstration gardens, wildlife habitat enhancements, an outdoor classroom, and a Story WalkTM. The project broke ground in Fall of 2016 and will be completed by the spring of 2018.
This garden project is named for Allan Foster, in honour of his significant contributions to the Kortright Centre over his 30 year career as supervisor of education. An expert naturalist, botanist and storyteller, Allan called the property his home for many years and shared his wealth of knowledge and inspired countless Kortright visitors.

Alan Foster Before

Before Photo of the Alan Foster Garden

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Bee Space Demonstration Gardens

Our bee space is getting a makeover. In the 2017, we will be renovating our bee hive observation building, nicknamed the bee space, to enhance the visitor experience.

We will also be adding bee-friendly demonstration gardens to teach visitors how they can enhance their yards and gardens with attractive native plants to provide nectar for bees and other pollinator species. Planting for this ongoing project will be begin in spring 2017 with a woodland flower garden. Future features will include a full sun garden, a wildflower meadow to provide nectar to our bees and interpretive signs.

Bee Space Before

Before Bee Space

Bee Space Before Pictures

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