January 29, 2018 David Todd

This program is based on the daily life of the Huron people, some of whom lived in a village, 400 years ago, on what is now the Kortright property.

Our pathways follow the same route as the Carrying Place Trail, so students actually are walking in the footprints of the early explorers and native inhabitants who traveled this historic site.

Using a short slide show and authentic artifiacts, we discuss the daily life in an aboriginal village, including their social structure and their life as hunters, gatherers and farmers.

Along the woodland trails, we will identify plants and other natural resources that were used for food, medicine, tools and other household items. Students will learn the availability/scarcity of certain resources during a “”shopping trip”” for items that the Huron would use on a daily basis.

Walking along the Humber Valley, we will consider the best site for locating a village, and gain a better understanding of the relationship between the aboriginal people and their physical environment.

Students will try their hand at daily chores such as grinding corn and using a drill bow to light a fire.

Full or Half Day  |  All Year

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Curriculum Connections:
• History
• 7A – Grade 7: New France and British North America 1713 – 1800
• Social Studies
• Heritage and Identity – Grade 2: Changing Family and Community Traditions | Grade 3: Communities in Canada 1780 – 1850 | Grade 5: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada | Grade 6: Communities in Canada Past and Present