January 29, 2018 David Todd

Students learn about the concepts of Forces Causing Movement through outdoor exploration, hands-on experiments and by using investigative techniques and equipment.

student and teacher fly kite at Kortright Centre


The beautiful grounds of Kortright are a great place to introduce students to the concepts of Forces Causing Movement. Students learn to identify the forces of gravity, magnestism, electrostatic force, wind, tension and friction during hands-on activities and experiments.

Classes apply their new knowledge by racing rubber-band wind up cars and explore wind energy more deeply using anemometers to measure wind speed before flying our kites.

While outdoors on the beautiful Kortright trails, students see natural forces at work including erosion and human impacts on the natural environment. Students observe the effects of natural phenomena and learn how beaver dams act as a force applied to water.

Students will also use investigative techniques to determine the effects of increasing or decreasing the amount of force applied on an object through hands-on experiments in an outdoor setting.

Half Day  |  April to October

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Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology
• Matter and Energy – Grade 3: Forces causing Movement