January 29, 2018 David Todd

In this program, students will visit different habitats to identify producers, consumers and decomposers. They will examine the links between living and non-living elements.

students explore wetland habitat at Kortright Centre

This program introduces the concept of a natural community and the abiotic and biotic factors that control the number and type of plants and animals that live within it.

Students discover the major groups (consumers; producers; decomposers) within the food web of Southern Ontario and how they interact to function as a whole, and investigate the physical and behavioural adaptations of plants and animals that ensure their survival in their specific habitats.

Students also discuss the affects of human activities on these habitats and how it effects the plants and animals living there and learn how animals become endangered and how students can help protect these environments.

All students will have an opportunity to participate in games and hands-on activities to illustrate these concepts.

Half Day  |  All Year

Please contact vservices@trca.ca to book.

Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology
• Life Systems – Grade 4: Habitats and Communities