January 29, 2018 David Todd

Enjoy the magic of Kortright’s forest in November and December. Explore nature while learning about the holiday season from various perspectives.

Christmas decoration on tree

Explore natural holiday traditions from a variety of different cultural perspectives. Make popcorn by the fire, beeswax candles and learn about the traditions of different cultural holiday celebrations.

The emphasis of this program is on secular folklore and the seasonal changes in nature, as they relate to the holiday season. Various religious customs will be touched upon throughout the program.

Half Day  |  Mid-November to December

Curriculum Connections:
• Social Studies
• Heritage and Identity – Grade 1: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities |  Grade 2: Changing Family and Community Traditions  |  Grade 3: Communities in Canada 1780 – 1850  |  Grade 5: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada