January 29, 2018 David Todd

Enjoy early Spring’s sweetness! Learn how to identify maple trees and how they are tapped for sap. Learn different methods of making maple syrup.

school children visit Kortright Centre maple syrup festival

Come and learn about a fabulous Canadian tradition. This popular program includes hands-on learning about the history of syrup making. Students will learn the equipment used, forest management practices and cooking procedures of this sustainable resource.

Along the trail to the sugar bush, learn how sap is produced and flows within the tree, how to identify maple trees, and how maple syrup producers tap their trees for sap. At our demonstration sites visitors will meet costumed interpreters, who will describe how they process sap into syrup.

Half Day  |  March to Early April

Please contact to book.

Curriculum Connections:
 Science and Technology
 Earth and Space – Grade 1: Daily and Seasonal Changes
 Life Systems – Grade 3: Growth and Change in Plants
 Social Studies 
 Heritage and Identity – Grade 1: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities | Grade 2: Changing Family and Community Traditions | Grade 3: Communities in Canada 1780 – 1850 | Grade 5: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada | Grade 6: Communities in Canada Past and Present