January 30, 2018 David Todd

This seasonally-based program uses sensory awareness activities to introduce young children to nature.

pre-school boy takes part in outdoor education program at Kortright Centre

This program introduces very young children to nature in a gentle, enjoyable way through activities, observation and play. Exploring forests and fields will help students develop an interest and appreciation of the natural world.

Students will discover nature using their eyes, ears, nose and sense of touch. They will be shown a variety of nature artifacts that they can examine to study textures, colours, patterns, shapes, and at the same time learn interesting facts about the specific item.

Throughout the year, nature is constantly changing, each season presenting different experiences. This program focuses on the seasonal features present at the time of your visit. If you would like to emphasize a specific topic, please note this when booking the program.

Half Day  |  All Year

Please contact to book.

Kindergarten Teachers! Pair the Appreciation of Nature program with the Insects program, Bees program or Choose Your Own Adventure program to make the most of your
students’ Kortright experience!

Curriculum Connections:
• Complements programs focusing on sensory awareness; expansion of vocabulary and the expression of experiences through the use of appropriate language. Enhances teaching units focusing on nature topics.