January 30, 2018 David Todd

Students will tour two LEED platinum houses demonstrating a host of sustainable technologies that are available now and in the future.

archetype sustainable house at Kortright Centre for Conservation

The Archetype Sustainable houses are model homes that put green theory into practice. The houses, both LEED platinum status, demonstrate technologies such as solar and wind produced electricity, solar domestic hot water, geothermal heating and cooling and rainwater harvesting. A green roof and European styling and decor are also integral to the energy-efficient lifestyle envisaged for residents in such a home.

Students will take a guided tour of the interior and exterior of the houses and take part in related activities.

Topics covered will include the concepts of sustainability, energy efficiency, resource use, water conservation/zero runoff, indoor air quality, construction methods and careers in the green industry.

All Year
Flat rate of $250 for a two-hour tour

Curriculum Connections:
• Matter and Energy – Grade 5: Properties of and Changes in Matter
| Grade 6: Electricity and Electrical Devices

• Earth and Space – Grade 5: Conservation of Energy and Resources | Grade 7: Heat in the Environment | Grade 8: Water Systems
• Physics – Grade 9: (Acad.) Characteristics of Electricity; (Appli.) Electrical Applications