January 30, 2018 David Todd

While on the Innovation Trail, students will focus on the causes and effects of greenhouse gases, changing weather patterns, the influence of carbon in the atmosphere and nature’s ability to recycle.

Students will then learn what they can do to have an immediate and measurable impact on climate change by visiting our two LEED-certified Archetype Sustainable Houses.

Full Day  |  All Year

Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology
• Environmental Science – Grade 11: (U & C Prep.) Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges; (U & C Prep.) Conservation ofEnergy; (Workpl.) Energy Conservation
• Earth and Space – Grade 10: (Acad.) Climate Change; (Appli.) Earth’s Dynamic Climate
• Physics -Grade 9: (Acad.) The Characteristics of Electricity; (Appli.) Electrical Applications | Grade 12: (C Prep.) Energy Transformations



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