January 30, 2018 David Todd

Walk the Innovation Trail to learn about renewable energy technologies: biomass, solar thermal, photovoltaic (PV) and wind.

solar panels at Kortright Centre

Kortright’s unique renewable energy demonstrations provide students with an excellent opportunity to see and understand renewable energy technology first-hand. The various sites along the Innovation Trail show how renewable sources of energy can be applied in practical everyday situations.

Half Day  |  All Year

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Curriculum Connections:
• Matter and Energy – Grade 5: Properties of and Changes in Matter
• Earth and Space – Grade 5: Conservation of Energy and Resources   |   Grade 10: (Acad.) Climate Change; (Appli.) Earth’s Dynamic Climate
• Environmental Science – Grade 11: (U & C Prep.) Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environment Challenges; Grade 11: (U & C Prep.) Conservation of Energy; (Workpl.) Energy Conservation
• Physics  Grade 9: (Acad.) The Characteristics of Electricity; (Appli.) Electrical Applications  |  Grade 12: (C Prep.) Energy Transformations
• Biology – Grade 9: (Acad.) Sustainable Ecosystems; (Appli.) Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity