January 30, 2018 David Todd

Students will visit the 10-acre Kortright Organic Farm to learn firsthand where food comes from and see how everything on the farm is interconnected.

organic tomatoes on the vine

The Kortright organic farm provides fresh produce to the local area.

Every visit will be a little different, as farming is a seasonal cycle. Depending on the season, students may learn about crop rotation, companion planting, seed production, pollinators, composting, the importance of planting a variety of crops and how the local pond and wildlife enhance production.

Students may also get the chance to plant, maintain or harvest crops at the farm or plant their own seed to take home.

Half Day  |  May to October

Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology 
• Environmental Science – Grade 12: (U & C Prep) Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
• Biology – Grade 9: (Acad.) Sustainable Ecosystems; (Appli.) Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity | Grade 11: (U Prep) Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function

Kortright Centre has partnered with to make optional boxed lunches available for school groups.


TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE: For the safety of our visitors, the boardwalk on the Lookout Trail (L2) is currently closed. The Lookout spot is still open and is accessible by trail sections (L5-L4-L3). There is no access to the lookout from L1.