January 29, 2018 David Todd

Discover insect life cycles, adaptations and roles they play in nature. Students will have the opportunity to catch, observe and release a variety of insects from more then one habitat.

bug rests on hand

This program studies the insects that can be found in local habitats. Students are presented with the concepts of identification and classification of this fascinating group of animals. The varied life cycles and the importance of invertebrates are examined through disscussion and hands on field collecting.

Half Day  |  April to November

Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology
• Life Systems – Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things | Grade 2: Growth and Change in Animals | Grade 6: Biodiversity



TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE: For the safety of our visitors, the boardwalk on the Lookout Trail (L2) is currently closed. The Lookout spot is still open and is accessible by trail sections (L5-L4-L3). There is no access to the lookout from L1.