January 29, 2018 David Todd

Hike through the various habitats at Kortright and examine the roles and relationships among the biotic and abiotic elements. Discuss factors that may affect the balances in nature and changes over time.

students explore trail at Kortright Centre

The many diverse habitats at Kortright provide a perfect setting for exploring the many inter-relationships which exist between abiotic and biotic elements in the environment. Concepts covered include ecosystems, populations, communities, food chains, food webs, succession dynamics and balances.

By the end of the program, students will better understand that an ecosystem is a system of interactions between the living organisms and their environment. Students will also discuss how man has influenced ecosystems, through misuse, conservation and management techniques using examples along the trail.

Half Day  |  April to November

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Curriculum Connections:
• Science and Technology
• Life Systems – Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment
• Geography
• 7A and 7B – Grade 7: Physical Patterns in a Changing World | Grade 7: Natural Resources Around the World – Use and Sustainability