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  • student at The Nature School uses a basket to collect colourful fall leaves

    Exploring Fall Colours

    This time of year is always exciting! The fall colours are out, and we are starting to see big changes in the forest. Students at The Nature School are learning about the changing seasons, exploring the different types of trees, collecting nature’s treasures, creating their own works of art, and more.

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  • young boy builds a shelter of sticks and logs

    Get Your Kids Outside!

    Getting outside every day is one of the best ways to keep children’s bodies and our minds healthy. With schools and recreational amenities currenly closed across the province, we’ve come up with some simple ideas for parents and children to enjoy nature and outdoor play together.

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  • Nature School students pose with their completed snowperson

    Engineering in the Snow

    When there is fresh snow on the ground, The Nature School Primary students arrive to our outdoor classroom with a renewed sense of excitement and wonder. What will we make? What will we build? How will we play?

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  • Educator talks to preschool students at The Nature School at Kortright Centre

    Self-Regulation for Preschoolers

    Winter 2020: Self-regulation refers to children’s ability to regulate emotions such as frustration or impatience. These are large tasks for preschoolers to learn — but being outside in nature can help promote self-regulation skills. There are fewer stressors, more space, and the freedom to explore and play.

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  • Nature School students take story walk at Kortright Centre

    Storytelling in the Forest

    Fall 2019: Storytelling is an important part of the Nature School experience. Through storytelling, children learn about themselves, their friends, and the world around them.

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  • Nature School students at play

    Play is Learning

    Fall 2019: Play may be kid stuff, but as we’ve observed at the Nature School, it’s also an important form of learning that can lead to physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

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TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE: For the safety of our visitors, the boardwalk on the Lookout Trail (L2) is currently closed. The Lookout spot is still open and is accessible by trail sections (L5-L4-L3). There is no access to the lookout from L1.