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  • The Nature School students enjoy an activity in their new sandbox

    The Sandbox Project

    The Sandbox Project was inspired by the students in Ms. A’s class at The Nature School at Kortright. Their curiosity sparked the project, and their passion drove them to take charge and come up with solutions to the problems that emerged along the way.

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  • animal tracks in the snow

    Discovering Winter!

    Learning online hasn’t stopped our students from discovering the wonders of winter. The Nature School teachers have taken the time to plan experiments and design projects to engage students, build upon their interests, and learn about all things snow related.

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  • student at The Nature School checks bucket hanging from maple tree to see how much sap has been collected

    Making Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup can be so much more than just a tasty treat. At The Nature School, we embrace the maple syrup season and allow our students to learn through asking questions, determining solutions, and collaboratively making their own maple syrup.

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  • child uses laptop to participate in The Nature School virtual learning program

    Virtual Learning with a Nature School Twist!

    The lockdown that started after the holidays has required us to adapt our teaching methods and come up with creative new approaches to making the connections our students expect from a typical day at The Nature School.

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  • student at The Nature School at Kortright Centre proudly holds up a stick

    More Than Just a Stick!

    A stick is the ultimate, ever-changing child’s toy. When we give kids the proper techniques to safely play with a stick, their imaginations will run wild, and that stick can become anything from a magic wand to a tool for learning math!

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  • preschoolers explore trail at Kortright Centre in the fall

    Fall: A Time of Discovery for Our Preschoolers

    Children experience and enjoy fall in all its beauty in the Nature School Preschool. We’re now truly on our way to an exciting year of play and learning!

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